Farm To Table

We raise every animal as if it were going to be fed at our table. And some of them do make it to our table. Just like you and me, our stock receive vaccines to ensure their health and well being. Just like you and me, they get periodic check ups. We take vitamins and minerals, and they do, too.

Unlike you and me, they are strictly vege1501093_787622567917462_1323850200353969766_otarians. Their pasture grasses consist of Bahia, Bermuda, Hermathria, Clover, and Lespedeza. But, we draw the line at organic fertilizer. Commercial fertilizer is much healthier for them, you and me than animal waste. We use all the legumes that our land will grow, and we think that they are great, but they are not enough.

In order for our stock to be finished for the table, they need a good finishing ration. We have used soy hull pellets and corn gluten for several years with very good results. Others sometimes talk about a finishing ration for 60, 90 or even 120 days. Ours have been on a finishing ration for over 180 days.