We have top quality polled Hereford cattle available for purchase. Are you are looking to raise a show quality club calf, or add value to your current operation by introducing select purebred breeding stock? Check out the links below to see what we have to offer.

Breeding Stock

Because we also run a thriving beef business, we are very selective about which cows and bulls are retained intact for breeding. We evaluate every animal, looking for the ones with the most potential to advance the genetic legacy of the Hereford line and amplify desired Evergreen traits. When we select sires for our cows,...

Club Calves For Sale

First, every calf born represents an investment in time, thought, and money. So be sure the cow is in the best health and you have chosen your sires well.

Cattle For Sale

We usually wean our calves around 6 to 9 months of age. The cream of the crop will make make excellent replacement heifer and herd sires, in either in a commercial herd or a purebred Hereford operation.

American Herefords

Is it any surprise that the Hereford breed originated as a product of necessity? Efficient, adaptable and hardy, these cattle have always had a face to remember. Nearly 300 years ago, farmers of Herefordshire, England, founded the breed in response to demand created by Britain’s Industrial Revolution. Efficient production, high yields and sound reproduction were...